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When dragon boat festival comes, a lot of people love to eat a zhongzi, when people is having a zhongzi, it is better to after need heats the zhongzi heats the zhongzi first, eat again, otherwise cool eat a zhongzi to be able to appear possibly digest unwell wait for bad situation, especially bad to function of intestines and stomach, disappearFall in love with the sea

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Turn bad person for, these people had better not eat cool food had better, a lot of people do not understand the zhongzi that has boiled how to heat gift is nice, how is the zhongzi that has boiled addedSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Hot? Next we look.

 How does the zhongzi that has boiled heat

One. With water steam

Will ripe cold zhongzi is put into directly had undertaken heating in the water of boil, but when heating, water just should have done not have a zhongzi, can assure the be heated with even zhongzi so. Heat next 8~10 minute, can show zhongzi heat. If want to hold raw ingredient, can put to steam box to lie between water steam.

2. Heat with microwave oven

Right amount clear water is added in steam box of appropriative microwave oven, put in the zhongzi that tore open polybag again, make water has done not have a zhongzi, the choice heats quickly bolt high perhaps internal heat bolts, 5 minutes or so, the zhongzi heats succeeded. Take out ZongShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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The period of the day from 11 pm to 1 am, remember wear adiabatic glove.

 How does the zhongzi that has boiled heat

3. With heat of frying pan decoct

In frying pan (had better be not to stick boiler) in add right amount cooking oil, burn heat, will cut again thickA pulls love Shanghai to be the same as a city

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Piece the zhongzi is put, with slow fire the zhongzi1000 beautiful net forum of ShanghaiFall in love with the sea

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Decoct comes two sides is golden. This kind of mouthfeel that feed a law is particularly sweet thick, do not cross easy get angry or be afraid that fat person is unfavorable use.

 How does the zhongzi that has boiled heat

4. Note

No matter adopt which kind of heating method, must show zhongzi heat ability but edible. When eating, can put the zhongzi to freezer to save. The zhongzi of the evaporate that lie between water has mouthfeel more than what water boils, won’t sticky sticky is burnt, heat with microwave oven should notice to use steam box, can make zhongzi be heated even so, won’t rawish, before edible, wen Wen zhongzi has peculiar smell to perhaps see next surfaces whether have mold, avoid to eat degenerative zhongzi.