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A lot of people want to know the characteristic about Sichuan, because Sichuan has a lot of local color fastfood, have a lot of traditional culture to circulate all the time up to now, still be meeting somebody is taken eat, xie Er cake is also can wrap inside do with polished glutinous rice have with filling, major conference puts brown sugar, also some meetings put green vegetables, have respectively salty mouth and sweet a two sort, tea-oil tree and the white cake that put pink and Sichuan on the ice, these have a lot of distinguishing feature, taste is exceedingly good also.

Snacks of Sichuan Dazhou special local product

Xie Er cake. Xie Er cake1000 beautiful net forum of Shanghai

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Make moxa steamed bread again, it is tradition of Sichuan area characteristic fastfood. With heart of stuffing of biscuit of pink of polished glutinous rice, leaf of fresh green cake is wrapped outside, evaporate of buy flourishing fire is made. Its color clean is like breast, flavour sweet alcohol is goluptious, do not touch dish, do not touch chopsticks, do not touch a tooth, be called 3 do not touch Xie Er cake.

Cent mixes two salty kinds sweetly, sweet stuffing is sweetened bean taste adds the nutlet such as walnut, added brown sugar in the surface mostly, such more delicious; Salty is ground meat adds bud dish. Xie Er cake is carried convenient, old little appropriate, save time to grow, heat a few minutes to be able to eat, it is the food of natural and delicate green of rare, for Sichuan name fastfood one of.

Tea-oil tree. Sichuan tea-oil tree is plain change area name of peculiar the Han nationality is fastfood, belonging to plain dish is. Should cook breakfast, paper burnt, San by rice child, crisp soya bean or earthnut, kohlrabi is broken, add oil of face of salt, Chinese prickly ash, chili, gourmet powder, chopped green onion, feed with divide evenly, the tea-oil tree with north is not a thing, Shanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Hemp is hot sweet sweet, very delicious. Traditional rice papers burnt need to grind ground rice first, common rice is OKShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, move with water next, unlock boil in water rare stiff appropriate rice oarShanghai noble baby

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Snacks of Sichuan Dazhou special local product

Glacial pink. Putting pink on the ice is a famous tradition fastfood. Icy sweetLove Shanghai is opposite with the city touch

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Sweet, mouth of tender Hua Shuang, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid solution heat, cool and refreshing fall fire. As a cate of summer, because its bright is bright of slippery, transparent, ice, delicate, valence cheap and times accept people favour.

White cake. White cake says bubble cake is one of breakfast that people loves again, it is to use polished glutinous rice or after rice bubble goes up, reoccupy stone mill rolls out fine face, use natural barmy means to ferment, use cooked food of steam box evaporate finally? Its flavour is faint scent of natural polished glutinous rice, sweet in have the aftertaste, old little all appropriate? .

Square boiler armet. Traceable of armet of square crisp boiler is filled south between Ming Qingnian, zhu De fills a of appearance Gansu small town south native place. Fill south be current, wide how, the one belt in Lang, as reform development, square crisp with distinctive bright recipe, technology of shirt-sleeve and modern culinary art, form crisp to change the peculiar mouthfeel of broken bits thereby, cover China name again after ” of bean jelly of fastfood ” plain north eats, your person cries absolutely, straight Hu Anyi.

Ginger cake. Ginger cake is cake of tradition of area of bitter fleabane brook kind special local product. Virgin Yu Qing takes the place of to be treated together year, with polished glutinous rice, sweet candy, sesame oil, Jiang Zhisi content closes to make and be become. Ever regarded articles of tribute as pay intribute, after happiness mother of an emperor samples, kind judges his to be jade cake, say ” has oil not be bored with, candy is not hurt, clean is like fat jade, soft be like Qiu Yun ” . From now on the world of raise of name of cake of ginger of bitter fleabane brook.

Snacks of Sichuan Dazhou special local product

The bean curd that place silk works. In the turnip silk of fragile bright of the sandwich in the bean curd doing of crisp, the aroma of earthnut pink and soya bean pink deserves to go up the hemp piquancy way with peculiar Sichuan, dipping in on sweet acid juice. A simple, nutrition, healthy fine city cate appears in you before. Enjoying crisp aroma to the top of one’s bent while, hemp hot acid is sweet the tip of the tongue that also teasing you together, can calls fine city a special skill.

Thin pancake. Thin pancake is Qian those who be together renownSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Fastfood. It is to use a piece half hand is old very thin almost transparent cake, the turnip silk that will mixed + copy soya bean rice + white sugar + sesame seed face, total package is nice, for a thin pancake, 10 thin pancake are. Deserve to go up of mix up sweet vinegar. Whole thin pancake is put one small conference immerses in vinegar, scoop up one impediment to drop, acerbity acid is sweet, take bit of piquancy again, turnip silk is fragile fragile, have a few small soya bean again, bite rise Ga not Ga not. This is Le Shan’s fastfood fine point. Those who write down dip in vinegar when must have placed thin pancake, otherwise it comes loose not carefully.