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Pineapple is a kind of intertropical fruit that our life middling sees, sweet pear calls pineapple in Taiwan, many vitamin and moisture content are contained inside pineapple, edible pineapple is rightSh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Human body also has profit very much, can remove hairdressing to raise colour, promote the secretion of saliva or body fluid stop thirsty effect, but any fruits cannot eat more, especially the fruit that this kind of sex heats up pineapple, if have an insatiable desire for the many effect that can have to be just the opposite to what one wished instead, so how much can pineapple eat?

How much can pineapple eat

Pineapple eats much harm

Bring about a tooth acerbity

Because acerbity alcohol is contained a lot ofin pineapple, acerbity mellow meeting adheres to go up in the tooth and jumpy to gum generation is exciting, and can corrode enamel, because this meeting lets a person,feel a tooth acerbity painful.

Settle way: Pineapple has been cut abluent hind the best bleb that use salt a little while, alkalescent sodium bicarbonate is contained in brine, the acerbity; that can counteract pineapple is additional, if feel dental ache,had eaten pineapple hind, can buy gargle of a bottle of mineral gargle, let soda acid counteract, can alleviate ache.

Cause allergy reaction

Contain in pineapple1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Have pineapple egg white enzymatic, a few righter over-1000 beautiful community of Shanghai

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Quick constitutional person, if edible is overmuch, may cause evilLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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The allergic symptom such as heart, diarrhoea, hives.

Settle way: Pineapple of hot water scald is used before edible pineapple, make albumen enzymatic metamorphic, put next cool feedShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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It is good to use.

How much can pineapple eat

What person is unsuited edible pineapple

Patient of eczema and scabies

Pineapple is had stronger excitant, to scabies and eczema patient, endocrine exciting meeting affects the skin directly, because this edible pineapple may cause skin Sao,itch the symptom of aggravate.

Patient of low blood pressure

To patient of low blood pressure, edible pineapple can have the possibility of aggravating illness, especially friend of body weak cold-blooded, overmuch edible pineapple is right of the body restoring is very adverse.

Allergy constitution person

Preamble has been carried, the airframe of the enzymatic person that can arouse allergic constitution produces pineapple protein fast hairstyle allergy reacts, expression is disgusting, Sao the symptom such as hyperaemia of urticant, bellyacke, skin, serious when can cause a heartbeat to quicken, blood pressure is reduced, phenomenon of shock of breathing difficulty wind.

Accordingly, allergic to the skin person, pineapple wants careful feed, to having the person of pineapple allergy precedent, certain cannot edible.

How much can pineapple eat

Cankerous patient

The friend edible pineapple that suffers from oral cavity ulcer and gastric ulcer wants discretion, as a result of the acidity with intense pineapple, the stimulation of didymous stomach mucous membrane and oral cavity mucous membrane is built in the meeting when edible, bring about the accentuation of the illness.

How to buy pineapple

Say simplyShanghai noble baby communicates an area

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, when pineapple of choose and buy unfavorable and excellent, unfavorable too soft, excellent not ripe, too soft sodden, with Microsoft some flexibility are beautiful.