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Female people prepares to be pregnant and after be pregnant, do not know to want much more additional folic acid, the folic acid that people often says, point to vitamin of B a group of things with common features namely actually, folic acid returns vitamin of the hematopoiesis that be called by people, additional folic acid can enhance function of human body hematopoiesis, additionally folic acid still is had fight the action such as tumor and stimulative nerve stability, have protein of a kind of folic acid in the market now pink, pregnant female can have this kind of protein white, have following these advantage.

Is folic acid protein what is powdery effect?

Folic acid is protein powdery effect:

Additional folic acid must want during before pregnant woman is pregnant 3 months. In order to avoid fetal deformation. And the immune power that protein pink can enhance the body. So pink can remove protein of this kind of folic acid a variety of additional folic acid, vitamins and protein multiple action. Use for a long time can enhance resistance and immune power, right fetal grow development also has profit more.

Folic acid is protein the composition in pink basically is folic acid still has protein white. These two kinds of material have important sense to pregnant woman. Folic acid can prevent fetal development deformation. But protein pink can increase nutrition, should be being taken normally according to the requirement only have profit to the body.

Is folic acid protein what is powdery effect?

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This kind of present circumstance is to attribute pregnant inchoate level, the taking with inchoate and serious pregnant folic acid piece go, of short durationNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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Do not need to have albumen white when, take folic acid piece advocate if precaution is fetal divine be in charge of is unbalanced, also be pregnant inchoate level is very important.

The attention makes the groovy inspection of good pregnancy after the proposal, on food proper eat food of a few high protein, tall vitamin more kind food, the colleague notices to had rested, avoid to stay up late or overworked, catch cold catch cold OK.

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Need has albumen white, can having albumen white is open to question square viewpoint at present: Pink of should compensatory albumen conceives pregnant woman pregnancy is a special period, absorb enough and balanced nutrition to having far-reaching effect to the health of the child that has not be born. At this moment, need more protein, can take albumen powder so, Shanghai Long Feng forum

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If cooperate VB to eat together, it is better to absorb the effect so oppose square point of view: Pregnant woman cannot eat albumen pink pregnant woman to eat albumen pink to may bring about placental precocity, Sh1f of Shanghai Long Feng forum

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Albumen pink is soja protein, estrogen is taller, right male fetal reproductive system is bad, so, before determining fetal sex careful feed.

Is folic acid protein what is powdery effect?

If be in pregnancy, so additional folic acid is measured or should avoid excessive to just go, press time for, if itself took pregnancy additional folic acid, should avoid to continue to eat folic acid egg soShanghai joins friendly community to touching with the city

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Pledged in vain, should understand below, can ask these pregnant woman nutrition division.