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Went up the person of certain age, appear very easily hypertension and heart disease, to prevent these diseases, can eat a few asparagus more at ordinary times, additional those often the person of excessive exhaustion, eating asparagus also is very good, can alleviate effectively fatigue, still some people appeared dysuria, perhaps appear hemal sclerosis is waited a moment, suit to eat a few asparagus more, can asparagus eat during the woman is pregnant so?

Be pregnant can you eat asparagus?

Be pregnant can you eat asparagus?

Pregnant woman can eat.

Asparagus contains rich folic acid, it is the main source of folic acid of pregnant woman complement. Prandial fiber still can have the effect with embellish aperient bowel, constipation of pregnancy of prevention and cure.

Can the puerpera eat asparagus?

Can eat.

Asparagus is contained rich carbohydrate and a variety of microelement, lung of can warm stomach, wide bowel, embellish, relieve a cough, diuresis, its are prandial fiber softness is goluptious, can stomachic, help aid digestion.

Be pregnant can you eat asparagus?


Asparagus is one of 10 name dish of world, renown asparagus, asparagus (areaLove Shanghai is the same as city forum

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Do not deliver food at the sea — deep-sea vegetable, also have alias asparagus) . Asparagus offers the tender bine of edible because of its, arundinaceous of be similar in shape is tender bud and bamboo shoot, china has habit of a lot of people to call asparagus asparagus. Asparagus branches and leaves submits beard form, so Peking Man says ” asparagus ” , ” pig tail ” , ” ant lever ” , ” wolf tail root ” ; And other places of Chinese northeast, China north all has feral asparagus, of northeast person for ” medical chicken bean ” ; Of Gansu Province person for ” false the tuber of elevated gastrodia ” , ” pig tail ” , ” false lucid asparagus ” etc.

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“Vegetable king ” good name, asparagus contains a lot ofa variety of amino acid, protein and vitamin, its content all prep above is general fruit and vegetables, especially the amine of day winter acyl in asparagus and microelement Selenium, molybdenum, chromic, manganese, have adjust airframe metabolizes, heighten the effect of body immunity force, be opposite cancer of hypertensive, heart disease, leukaemia, blood, oedema, cystitis in the precaution that wait and cure, have very strong inhibition and pharmacodynamics effect.

Be pregnant can you eat asparagus?

The nutrition of asparagus value

Asparagus has the local color of delicious scent, prandial fiber softness is goluptious, can stomachic, help aid digestion. ContemporaryForum of Shanghai noble baby

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Dietetics is analysed, asparagus protein composition has all sorts of amino acid with human body indispensible place, content scale accords with human body need, inorganic has the microelement such as more Selenium, molybdenum, magnesian, manganese in saline element, still contain the blame protein that gives priority to body with amine of lucid asparagus acyl in great quantities to contain azotic material and acid of lucid asparagus nitrogen. Asparagus is contained richNew love Shanghai is opposite with the city touch forum

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C of vitamin A, vitamin and Potassium and zincShanghai night net

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. A cup of asparagus can supply the 67% folic acid that need everyday.

Energy 75kJ is contained in every L00g, water divides 93g, protein 1.4g, adipose 0.1g, prandial fiber 1.9g, carbohydrate 3g, carotene 100 μ G, inspect Huang Chun equivalent acerbity 0.7mg of 0.05mg of 0.04mg of element of amine of 17 μ G, sulfur, riboflavin, Nick; Support oneself a C45mg; Potassium 213mg, sodium 3.11000 beautiful nets of Shanghai

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Mg, calcic 10mg, 0.17mg of 1.4mg of magnesian 10mg, iron, manganese, zinc 42mg of 0.07mg of 0.4 one Mg, copper, phosphor, Selenium 0.21 μ G. The material such as Pi Su of the rue glucoside that the Shang Hanbao in cauline leaf protects hemal flexibility, .