Beijing Dong Cailei: Bay cross area network to buy levy new rule or generation to be affected again more

Xinhua net Beijing on July 12 report recently, branch of Australian duty Wu plans to buy low goods to crossing area network, namely price of customs pay taxes under 1000 bay yuan (1 bay yuan =5.2045 yuan RMB) commodity imposes goods service tax. To this, b上海千花网龙凤论坛

eijing east Cai Lei shows group vice president, this action shows taxation of international of business giving report to ask for new wind direction of the canal, the possibility produces multiple effect in its home and international.

As we have learned, this policy is 爱上海同城

to be aimed at year of turnover to achieve 75000 bay yuan (about RMB 400 thousand yuan) cent of b爱上海同城手机版

usiness of the abroad supplier of ab阿爱上海同城

ove, cable sells platform and goods agency system to decide. Before new policy comes on stage, the entrance low goods that consumer buys through electric busine上海贵族宝贝交流区

ss does not need pay goods and service tax.

Cai Lei thinks, this one new rule rises clearly from July 1, 2018, impose goods service tax to crossing area network to buy low goods, the import content that levy limits expands low is worth, and taxpayer is served as by platform of electronic business affairs when platform of business affairs of the electron outside making clear the consumer inside this territory to tell pass through the territory of a country buys goods. This means imposition general by pay of business of operation of platform of electronic business affairs, is not sale goods sell the home, electric business platform was gifted duty to pay taxes.

Cai Lei expresses, electric business revenue asks for a canal is global task, with international taxation basic principle comes this crosses magnanimity area network purchases new rule, observe from different point of view its did not develop posture, will more conduce to thorough to its knowledge, discuss the answer plan of formulate our country.

Cai Lei thinks, carry out taxation ask forring to provide demand immediate a新上海贵族宝贝论坛

ttention to electric business, company of each cable business is lawfully pay taxes person of the first responsibility. Australian new rule is right company of business of our country cable, especially ” go ” electric business company raised taller requirement, go up objectively to also will give operation of electric business platform trader people the base line that sets equality on the international market, this provided the environment of fair competition to the electric business company of sincere letter.