Does bit money steep fall backside uncovers secretary number money to invest risk and profit after all how?

Does bit money steep fall backside uncovers secretary number money to invest risk and profit after all how?

[bit money steeps fall] between the 3 climate that just go, bit money experienced the market inside Chinese field to trade the defeat below first price after restoring, this was regarded as Chinese banker to restore the control right of bit currency value afresh by a few investor.

In achieve 21000 yuan new tall hind, on June 12 afternoon 6 when around, bit money greeted an extent to exceed next defeat of 14% , according to the data that OkCoin money goes, value of currency of bit of 13 days of before dawn falls defeat 18000 yuan. After this, mixed at 2 o’clock afternoon on June 15 in the evening at 9 o’clock, bit currency value appears twice to issue defeat again, lowest drop defeat 17000 yuan. Up to on June 16, currency prices stabilizes bit to fluctuate in 18000 yuan gradually.

Many investor observes for economy the newspaper offerred a few relatively unanimous views: This drops is home trades actually platform trades inside new and open field hind, to be in option market is done empty, and attendant inside trade break merchandise on hand dish result. Those who serve as complementary card is, a few large family had learned ahead of schedule the message that bit currency value is about to leave defeat.

A few investor figure value of day bit currency near drop event that counts domestic banker to recover bit money price to counterpoise looks in these investor, before this, as a result of the time-out that trades inside bit money field, negotiant of Chinese bit money must turn the market outside battlefield, and the excessive price issue of the market outside field and statistical problem made banker temporary lose the ability that affects the price through brushing a quantity.

The investor Gu Guofei that bit money sale has acted as agent before this observes to economy the newspaper offerred another kind of view. Look in Gu Guofei, the price authority of Chinese banker was not lost, it is market level only all the way raise comes out without expression just. And dropping at present is banker the result of a kind of operation in appropriate opportunity, prices goes high all the way, to banker, do it is easy to want more than doing for nothing much, gu Guofei observes to economy the newspaper expresses

Analyst of OkCoin money travel observes to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown, current prices shoulds not be too ultra into participate in, light storehouse short line is given priority to. Key of the upper part inside day pays close attention to col of integer of 20000 yuan of a gleam of, this price can be regarded is the many empty watershed inside day, want the price to cannot go up effectively only broken, slant blank space bureau does not change; Lower part is propped up can pay close attention to 16300 yuan – 17000 yuan of area.

Of arise suddenly drop

On June 12 afternoon at 6 o’clock, bit currency value greeted dash forward next defeat that come, that day in the morning at 10 o’clock around, the data上海千花网龙凤论坛

that goes according to OkCoin money shows, bit currency value just broke through 21000 yuan high point.

Gu Guofei of bit money investor passes what forecasted this one round to the judgement of market data to drop, look in him, at present bit currency market exists a few exceed buy a phenomenon. Accordingly, he begins to trade in money of an abroad bit afternoon th爱上海同城论坛

at day platform makes value of empty bit currency. Drop in money of this round of bit in, benefit of A She Huo is close to 100 thousand yuan.

Analyst of OKCoin money travel observes to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown, to the limit of one’s capacity appears to drop after the history that value of currency of money travel bit broke through 3000 dollars on June 12 is exalted, those who show the scrape up in the market is many gain profit dish becoming not stable, the part gains profit dish cashing profit leaves. Although instantly price is in,touch 17900 yuan around low hind stop drop pick up, but clinch a deal the amount is limited, explain initiative buys dish of force inadequacy.

Bit money the key that option market is considered as the defeat below bit currency value one round this, option market can be opposite current bit money of bit currency value go situation do perhaps do for nothing much. Look in a few investor, the reason that this the price drops depends on: One part investor gains profit for nothing to can be done in option market, chose to be bungled in spot market dish, affected bit currency value thereby go situation.

This price drops to be regarded as by a few investor is a mark that Chinese banker recovers bit money price to counterpoise. Bit money regards a kind of global number as the money, its price is the price that trades according to global bit money is formed jointly. But 2016, as a result of Chinese market active all the more, investor of Chinese bit money is relatively apparent to impact of bit currency value, those who serve as complementary card is to be in contrast of Central Bank of the end of the year is special 2016 currency trades after the examination of platform undertakes, value of global bit currency appeared relatively substantially drop.

After this, chinese bit trades to be suspended inside money field, bit money trades central move comes Japan, the price outside field stares at Korea closely. The color of this price China banker is very clear, the specification is attendant inside after爱上海同城论坛

the market is opened, country the vil上海夜网

lage restored again to the consequence of the price. Negotiant of money of a bit observes to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown.

The player that still a few have actual strength more is taking this one market. Of money of a bit quantify investor to once observed to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown, at present home has orgnaization of collect of a few il上海龙凤论坛

licit to had been stared at went up bit currency market, orgnaization of collect of before this one family property once hoped to quantify investor to deploy on 100 million yuan of capital in bit currency market through this. Another investor that pays close attention to bit currency market for a long time observes to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown, have a few abroad at present went up to developing fund to also be stared at bit money.

Digital money investor: Half moon gains profit 50%

In the closest period of time, rise extent is not bit money highestly, other the extent that a variety of number currencies rise wants money of Yuan Chao bit, with among them one kind relativ上海千花网论坛

ely the digital money of the mainstream is exemple, in time of the closest half an year, aether lane (money of a kind of number) rise in price extent exceeds 50 times, and on June 15, as next defeat of bit currency value, the price of aether lane also appeared a few times defeat.

Continuously of half an year rise cycle yields bit money investor and profit of investor of other figure money quite abundant. An investor that thinks to guard discretion oneself is in enter the time that was less than half month June in, gain profit to had exceeded 50% .

Look in this investor, if all digital currencies on computation rise at present, the capital that enters this market still is expanding quickly.

But the risk still exists, the biggest risk depends on superintending the incline to of policy. According to relevant report, the Central Bank is making two superintendency policy about bit money at present, one is to concern the provision that washs money instead, one is the relevant streak that runs about bit money. Although a few investor are more and more hopeful to the judgement that policy superintends,this is planted hopeful result from this year the media first half of the year reports in, the amount that bit money obverse side reports is increasing but the file did not come on stage tardy, and the circle invests in bit money, still a few investor began to reduce the hold amount of bit money.

There is a message to say the Central Bank will be in before this the relevant regulation that the middle ten days of a month published bit money in June, but on June 15 Sun Hui of vice director of headquarters of Central Bank Shanghai is in Shanghai governmental news runs mouth of held 2017 land home express on forum preparatory job and main activity press conference, had not published bit money to superintend the pertinent information of the file in June at present.

Afore-mentioned investor also think to be not best investment opportunity now. Not be at present when making money, if have investment intention, still wait a moment again. This investor observes to economy forms for reporting statistics is shown. (Song Di)