” whole area blocks 2 ” technical test tomorrow open faces PC player only

Although ” whole area blocks 2 ” next week fair measured, nevertheless Yo green 上海千花网论坛

jade will be in this week faces PC platform to spread out only technical test. This the test will be on tomorrow line, 22 days end. Some earlier this month moment ” whole area blocks 2 ” ever undertook Jing flower BETA checks, all sorts of problems that react in the light of the player later had repair. And this test basically is test and verify these rehabilitate, so that let next week BETA is fair measure more free from worry. Do not have a link to be able to register application for the pl爱上海

ayer at present, if,do not pass you by pitch on, yo green jade can send mail to you. Because invite be random sex, what cannot you do to assure so by be invited certainly. As to test content, the player can experience爱上海同城

last the masterstroke gut when BETA checks and task of a few branch line, but PvP mode, conflict battle and end task won’t be open in checking this. Good is o上海夜网论坛

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eck conf上海贵族宝贝论坛

idential without NDA agreement this, so you can share your test check scheme or video on gregarious network. ” whole area blocks 2 ” BETA is fair measure will on March 1 open, shang Buqing Hunan is at present fair measure version to whether can have last the new content that BETA test does not have.