Shock of Bai Guanfang placard announces thunder of explanation of Miss of pure and fresh and melting goddess

Sticker of thunder cypress game made an appointment with custom-built product spokesman 2016, miss of champion of electric contest woman and placard of government of collaboration of thunder cypress brand recently exposure. Regard China as the first optimal female athlete, ” the hero is allied ” the Miss of goddess of contest of electricity of explanation of the most welcome government, superhuman vital energy with bright and lovely adjacent popular feeling of development of domestic girl figure. In the placard that cooperates this with brand of thunder cypress game, more is to add fashionable element, the temperament that moves Lei Bai’s brand gender and Miss makes a perfect tie, develop the idea that gave fashionable report contest adequately. It is trailing plants Li it is goddess, small make up take you to witness the 100 Miss size elder sister that change!

The Miss with melting appearance is now and then nifty lovely total meeting lets cummer force explode canopy, still do not blame please to this vocabulary small make up. It is to hang low then most after all the eye that contains condition, the smile of free from vulgarity temperamental He Qingli, always can one kind lets a person is to see only cannot help the force of raise corners of the mouth, miss hand places love, were to dreamy encouragement you received?

energy is encountered cure a department, do not know to be able to produce what kind of chemical reaction, small make up those who feel is the full love in the heart. Of Miss size elder sister struggle history everybody was clear about quite actually, appearance of a Jimei and talent the woman at a suit, a small body however the woman of big energy, a hug dreams not the woman that character abandons. Everybody knows Miss succeeded, the true however girl that seldom knows this effort still works everyday now ten hours, come down 7 years to did not bore, be very happy with it instead, ” Miss discharges a diary ” never stop 3 years more over- , visible Miss is mixed to working persistence hold to. This group of placard that thunder cypress government chooses return uncut jade to return to the utmost true, the motive that digs backside may be really have deep love for to what electric contest dreams, a persistent belief! The right hand that raises commonly like the Young Pioneer is a kind of belief actually!

White the lip with tender skin and tender pink, add a pure and fresh bingle, the goddess longing to the dream goes out fully in the eyes, delicate side face only the United States is moving. Fine presumably, miss struggles on electric competition field old, experience rises too rise and fall after volt, still can see in the eyes to the dream hold to, who to let look to be able to ‘t help using a facial expression for it. What is the definition of just think goddess, it is an example, encouraging everybody to hold to a dream indefatigable effort! This also is the brand value that Lei Bai wants to communicate.