” kill a tight encirclement: The mankind breaks up ” poster reveals: Mechanical menace is talked

The technical revolution of the again and again develops, but all the time somebody is traditional and conservative, do not accept new technology. Probably, their negative attitude is reasonable, ” kill a tight encirclement: The mankind breaks up ” inside namely such.

” kill a tight encirclement: Human revolution ” consciousness of propagandist website crisis (AugAware) announced a piece of poster, gist is to arouse people to be opposite the crisis consciousness of mechanical aggrandizement, put purity in the first.

The cent in game is force of two general trends, one party is the pure mankind that objects human body machinery transforming, other one party is to use machinery to transform him aggrandizement the person of the body.

Eidos atelier and Shikeweier the line on Ainikesi website of a conduct propaganda, pretend to oppose the person operation that machinery transforms by those. The purpose of the website is conduct propaganda returns mechanical mood, the person that it is a visit shows all sorts of commonweal advertisement and comment literary works, if why cannot be how about taken,introductory machinery is transformed.

Means of this kind of conduct propaganda can provide fresh setting story to the player, the reverse side that allows a player to stand to conflict sees a problem. Everybody can examine more catchphrase catchword with heading for crisis consciousness website.