Game library is added again new member ” FIFA 16 ” will join EA ACCESS this month

Like football game but don’t still have proceed with ” FIFA 16 ” ? Not afraid, EA Access prepares technically for you. From April 19 later, this football game of EA is newest make in will entering library of EA Access game, endless game experience is about to spread out freely.

Those who need a specification is, although EA announces when the renown date that those who use is EA Access, but be benefited not be Xbox One player only. The PC edition EA Access that is a name with Origin Access can be obtained likewise ” FIFA 16 ” , at the appointed time PC player also can enjoy a football on computer the joy to battle. And besides be made newly freely, the player that has this service is OK still with the 9 favourable proceed with that fold ” FIFA 16 ” digital edition can buy goods, for instance FIFA culminating team is wrapped, FIFA check the number is waited a moment.

EA Access is the game promotion platform that EA rolls out for PC and Xbox platform player. Need every months to draw out 5 U.S. dollors only, the player enjoys the your work below banner of a lot of EA with respect to OK and free free, include ” Long Teng century 3: Adjudgement ” , ” corpse of plant big fight: Garden war ” , and in will joining game library namely ” FIFA 16 ” .