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After be being moved, always have the symptom of disgusting vomiting, the reason that causes this kind of symptom is more, commonner have, like to breathe with the mouth between motion, cause redundant air to enter intestines and stomach at that time, cause gastric spasm, thisShanghai noble baby

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Must breathe with nose among motion at ordinary times so, additionally some people are lacked at ordinary times take exercise, momentum of now and then great fortune moves, often can cause the body unwell, cause anoxic symptom, caused at that time swimmy wait for a symptom, cause the condition of vomit keck easily also. If move,had measured at ordinary times so little, must gradually add carry momentum, avoid to cause undesirable reaction.

Motion is over keck is how to return a responsibility

The reason of disgusting keck after motion

Lack takes exercise

The person that often does not take exercise now and then undertake physical training, easy occurrence complexion is cadaverous, asthma, disgusting, the symptom such as vomiting, because airframe organ cannot get used to this,this is now and then intense campaign, the phenomenon that appears to be not worth for oxygen, the body that causes thereby is unwell.

Carry momentum is too big

When carry momentum is big, the head can give motion system and muscle energy and resource allocation automatically, and decelerate the system that has nothing to do with motion or stop, digestion is among them, gastric ministry food lacks energy to divide its desorption to close, when big and carry momentum is abiding, this part food can be regarded as a burden, go out through stimulating gastric nerve to vomit next.

Motion is over keck is how to return a responsibility

The quantity of heat inside body is insufficient

Pass in temperature tall or super-cooling environment is counteracted take exercise, perhaps move to experience in short supply of quantity of heat personally below hungry condition, disgusting vomiting appears via regular meeting after motion ends, the unwell symptom such as dizziness.

Intestines and stomach is stimulated be caused by

To be cold when ran, cold air is easy in engulf abdomen, this is bigger to the stimulation of intestines and stomach, the meeting after catch cold catch cold of human body stomach produces convulsion and make be turned over on gastric juiceForum of Shanghai night net

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Vomit, the proposal does not use the mouth is big breath, should breathe with bazoo.

Motion is over keck is how to return a responsibility

Motion is over to rest

Violent campaign just ended a lot of people to stop rest, the much vein blood in limbs accumulates Yu Jing with respect to meeting Yu in arteries and veins, the heart can be short of blood, cerebrum also can be not worth the symptom such as anoxic and occurrence dizziness, disgusting, vomiting, shock because of offerring blood.

The body disease such as hypoglycemia is caused

Dizziness appears when morning runs disgusting, also may be hypoglycemia is brought about, a banana eats first before proposal morning runs or energy of complement of water of a cup of honey.

Have anaemia in addition, hypertensive, the person of the disease such as chronic rhinitis, dizziness appears in often also moving to become, disgusting wait for a symptom.